The Philosophy of Porcelain Stoneware Cotto dEste has always been perfectly combine aesthetics with the highest quality, in addition to an innate vocation for beauty, and has always characterized the history of society, which over the years has evolved ceaselessly, Conquering the leadership in the sector of the floors and coatings of high range. One of the main factors of success remains an intense research and development activity, aimed at constantly shaping new productive methods and innovative product lines, able to meet the needs of an increasingly attentive and refined clientele.

Cotto dEste Porcelain Stoneware – Superior Quality

Porcelain Stoneware Cotto dEste produces high quality flooring and coatings that retains the aesthetic characteristics of the craft products and the most beautiful stones of nature, but with the reliability and quality of modern products, applying the most advanced production technologies and Paying great attention to the environment.

The unique finishes, besides a wide range of formats that includes the large formats of Kerlite of 3 meters x 1 meter x 3 mm of thickness, are the guarantee of an original manufacturing technique, that allows to obtain totally unique realizations, suitable for both Renovating old buildings as to build new buildings in the residential, commercial and public.

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