Ceramiche Refin – Ceramic Tiles Collection

Expression of design Made in Italy

Collections of elegant and original porcelain stoneware, colors and combinations studied to surprise and dress the spaces of today’s design.

Precursors of a minimalist style and often countercurrent and anticipatory, Ceramiche Refin porcelain stoneware proposes for many years tiles for floors and claddings ideal for commercial environments of the design and the most evolved residential. The Refin Ceramiche tiles are the contemporary expression of the vitality and creativity of “Made in Italy”.


Ceramiche Refin / WIDE

Slate Recall

A product with a modern touch: nuances, streaks and light stripes intervene in the monochrome of the slate exalting still more its matter and renewing it with a current style.

Thanks to the large dimensions (120 × 240, 120 × 120 and 60 × 120) and the OUT2.0 (60 × 60) version, Refin Ceramiche / Wide porcelain stoneware is ideal for large projects in high traffic spaces and Those destined for exhibition / hospitality.

The smaller formats (60 × 60 and 30 × 60) are instead perfect for placement in residential contexts.

The range has five tones (1 white, 2 gray, 1 black and 1 sludge) in both the smooth and structured version for outdoor, and two other tones in OUT2.0.


Ceramiche Refin / PRESTIGIO

The new classic


The renewed taste for stone materials is evidenced by the Prestige collection.

Important natural marbles, coming from the best Italian and European quarries, have been proposed to enhance the typical shades of color and original veins, sometimes delicate and others marked, and have been highlighted with the lapping that provides a beautiful glossy finish.

The Refin Ceramiche / PRESTIGIO collection thus becomes an expression of the classic style proposed in modern and elegant key, thanks also to the choice of a large format (75 × 150).


Ceramiche Refin / CROMIE

4 families presented in 9 chromatic variants to use strategically the color in the development of the design thought and to extend the expressive potentials of the ceramics.


In the Polvere family we find again presented from the clear to the dark to the neutral grays, but also the chromatic grays, cold and warm, in which a small amount of the blue and red ink intervenes that conceal and let rise in the Interaction with other colors.


In the nine colors that make up the Fango family, presented by clarity, yellow and red elemental colors come into play, the yellow inks tend always to the red, although they maintain low saturation levels, therefore they are tones closer to The nuances of the grays.


Also in the Terra family the 9 colors are sorted by clarity, with inks tending to yellow and red. The colors however are more saturated, therefore fuller, and let emerge clearly a key element in the yellow area.


The family of Tendenze is configured as an opportunity to suggest new chromatic possibilities of the ceramic product and, more generally, the interior design.


Ceramiche Refin /ARTWORK

Neo-traditional Design


Refin Ceramiche / POESIA

The tradition reloaded

The beauty of the stone of Lecce is found in this ceramic surface of refined appearance: the sophistication of the natural nuances is combined with the classic contexts in the format 60 × 60 with antique finish, and with the modern ones thanks to the placement of more formats big.

Its name evokes a refined collection, in which the detail of the textures, the study of the contrasts and the attention placed on the balances of the fossils inlays define the finish of particularly harmonic surfaces.

Refin Ceramiche / POETRY Presents a timeless elegance, emphasized by the choice of 4 soft tones ranging from white to clay, through a warm gold hue and a more neutral gray.


Ceramiche Refin /PLANT

Post-industrial material

Plant, a hybrid material and unpublished of industrial matrix, is configured as an element of wood and cement of Délabré style and with a marked contemporary connotation.

The obvious scratches on the surface, the signs of wear and the special tones chosen for the color palette confirm the underground imaginary in which the collection is inspired. The neutral tone Powder and the usual gray Ash accompany the beige Clay and the dark red Rope and Copper, a deep reddish color.

There are 6 medium and large size formats to highlight the placement of the material: 75 × 150, 25 × 150, 45 × 90, 22.5 × 90, 60 × 60 and 30 × 60.

The wood and cement, two typical elements of urban areas and recovered industrial buildings, become protagonists hybridizing in a very current result for surfaces that interpret in modern code all the spaces.


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