Coventino Wooden Floors is a brand distributed by Zenth and created by Pisos Creativos,  a company founded in 1996 that specializes in the commercialization of wood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, and decks for outdoor use, among others.  Over  the years, Pisos Creativos has become a leading company in flooring in the Mexican market, having great presence and recognition in the world of design and architecture, as well as in the final consumer.


Additionally, Pisos Creativos has always been recognized for its commitment to society and the environment, and FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council ) that the company obtained in 2013 is proof of such commitment. The FSC is a non-governmental organization that promotes the safeguard and improvement of the environment.

The FSC label identifies products and/or companies that are proactive with the society. This seal assures consumers that the company has procedures, supplies and suppliers that meet stipulated by the FSC, thus making it eco friendly.

COVENTINO ™ Wooden Floors

COVENTINO™ was created for those who believe in pure art used in ways that will accomplish the ideal balance between classic beauty and the modern living. With over 10 years in the engineered flooring industry, COVENTINO is manufactured with the most advanced technology around the world, gathering top of the line products from countries like Brazil, Canada and Italy, among others.

Each COVENTINO™ product is hand crafted by highly trained and qualified artisans who dominate the collection´s wood species which include oak, walnut, larch and maple. COVENTINO™ focuses in using texturing and coloring techniques to highlight the wood´s natural beauty. In all of their production processes, special attention is given to the environmental concerns to ensure our clients the highest quality products but taking special care fot the environment.