The passion for wooden floors and their continuous research has allowed Garbelotto to achieve excellence in parquet production, 100% made in Italy, firmly maintaining respect for nature. Their floors are made of selected wood from all around the world and has allowed them to create a wide range of products, that include traditional or prefinished wood floors, perfect both for indoor and outdoor solutions.

Why should you acquire Garbelotto hardwood floors in Zenth?

Made in Italy: Garbelotto Wooden Floors are manufactured entirely in Italy, at every stage of their processing, to create value in our area and to ensure the quality of our floors.

Attention to the nature and green building: Garbelotto Wooden Floors uses wood that comes exclusively from controlled reforestation areas in order to produce parquet suited to green building and free of any harmful substance to humans.

Wide Range: The Parquet Floor Master Garbelotto are produced in an infinite range of solutions and are customizable to essence, type of treatment, color, size, finishes and thicknesses.

Handcrafted finishing: Garbelotto’s parquets are produced with highly innovative procedures, but still their wood floors are refinished by artisans and master craftsmen.

Controlled and certified quality: In order to ensure wood floors free from any imperfections, our products exceed three strict controls: an electronic one and two performed by highly specialized personnel.

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