Zenth distributes the major brands of high end porcelain and ceramic tiles in Guadalajara. Intercasa is one of them. It presents a wide range of cutting edge options that will give life to your architectural project.

  • BEIGES: With Intercasa, let yourself be allured by the warmth of Beige_Group, a line of floors in beige range; products that suggest broad and subtle environments that create cutting-edge full of personality environments.

  • WOODS: Wood_Talks of Intercasa is a series of porcelain tiles in wood like patterns. This line was bornin a pursuit to offer attractive, cozy interior spaces, providing unforgettable distinction with organic environments.

  • GREY: Elegance is the word that defines Gray_Group of Intercasa, their line of gray textured floors that create pleasant and compelling spaces, conquering even the most sophisticated tastes.

  • TILES: With Intercasa In_Wall series, Intercasa surpasses the expectations of demanding tastes. Each collection of the series gives personality and inspire harmony and perfection.

  • NATURAL STONE: Experience the intensity of Pure Natura , a tribute of Intercasa to exotic textures of natural stone. Endow your space with wild organic environment  that this Intercasa series offer.

  • MOSAICS: Pixel Passion offers transforming atmospheres with the Intercasa signature. This series brings multiple decorative mosaic options, with different colors, textures and formats that capture the attention of anyone.

  • POLISHED: The series adopts designs that include the concept of ” less is more ” , where beauty plays a substantial role, created for those looking for design, quality and performance.