MARGRES Ceramic Tiles

It is one of the leading brands in the sector of floors and linings in porcelain stoneware. It began production at Ílhavo’s industrial unit in 1982, and became one of the first porcelain stoneware factories in the world. MARGRES Ceramic Tiles an Flooring is dedicated exclusively to the production of porcelain stoneware, a product of excellence that, due to its high technical advantages, offers solutions for any type of construction, in public or private spaces.


It brings us back to the beauty of natural stone in its purest form. Keeping the personality traits of each of the natural stones, the Sunset collection reinterprets them, giving them a sober and elegant character. With a wide range of formats – 90×90 | 45×90 | 60×60 | 30×60 – and finished – natural rectified | Non-slip | Smoothing – this collection is a solution for both indoor and outdoor, residential and public spaces and also spaces with important technical requirements such as high traffic areas, swimming pools or raised floors.


Flooring and Coverings MARGRES Ceramic Tiles interprets the main characteristics of urban style and contemporary architecture, and adopts the concepts of freedom and irreverence that characterize them. From this constant search is born Subway, which proposes a modern and avant-garde style, an innovative product with an irreverent design, ideal for large spaces where large formats are the main protagonists, both in the pavement and in the cladding. Inspired by both the solid and natural finish of concrete and the softness of micro-cementitious surfaces, Subway dares to embrace the lines of flooring and cladding typical of modern urban habitat.


Metropolitan architecture, contemporary space lived in its daily dynamics. Urban matter is transformed into a new concept reflecting broad and illuminated spaces in its role of constructive centrality. The habitat is shown here without shame, where the excess is made rule and the horizon becomes close. We enter the EXTREME world.

The characteristics that distinguish MARGRES Ceramic Tiles as something unique are derived from the most modern technology, high quality raw materials and an aesthetic concern that knows how to respond to the demands of contemporary architecture. The brand is a reference in the national market, with a large presence in the international market.

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