Saniker ceramic coverings and porcelain tiles

A tile and coverings company, Saniker is a 100% Mexican company that represents porcelain ceramic products and glass mosaics from Spain, Italy, Brazil and China.

In Zenth we sell their high-end products, adapting ourselves to the needs of our market with a variety of over 380 different products for your choice.

Our mission is to make available to all our customers the latest market trends , creating with our exhibits the largest variety of imported product in ceramic design in the medium to high range.

With detailed attention and looking for the best service for our customers Saniker´s and Zenth´s goal is to specify the right product in both residential and commercial projects, accordingly to the needs of the customer. Saniker´s tiles and coverings is the right chocice for your residential or corporate projects. Come to any of the Zenth showrooms to know them.