Eco Wallpaper tapestries is a Swedish brand of wallpapers for modern, casual lifestyles where everyone feels at home. The collections are characterized by a contemporary and sophisticated Scandinavian design with international influences.

Eco Wallpaper tapestries… Contemporary and influential Scandinavian style with a high design ambition.

The production at Eco Wallpaper is in close collaboration with Nature. For Eco, taking care of the environment is natural, at every stage from raw material to finished product.

They work according to an environmental policy, where the goal is to have the least possible environmental impact in our manufacturing processes, in Eco’s internal working environment and for the products and their final use. For this reason, the paper Eco uses is taken from one of the world’s most environmentally friendly forestry operations, with no clear-felling and with meticulous replanting of extracted forest. They do not use PVC or any harmful solvents, and all the printing inks and surface layers in their wallpapers are water-based. Eco Wallpaper has their own water treatment facility and conduct all production in combination with energy recovery.

The idea behind Eco is to be surprising and to encourage curiosity and an urge to experiment – in a playful way. All this helps to create an interesting home, one unlike any other.

In Zenth, along with Eco Wallpaper tapestries, we simply want to share our passion for wallpaper that challenges traditional thinking. Welcome – be inspired.

Certification of Eco Wallpape tapestries

For Eco Wallpapers is important that their products and production processes are of a consistently high standard and comply with environmental and safety standards and regulations. They are EU certified in conformance with the 15102 document, which means that the production processes comply with the European Union’s directive on emissions of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other hazardous substances.