The discerning kitchen is a room of functions and processes. The better and more sophisticated the equipment, the easier the preparations. With this in mind, Dornbracht developed the WATER ZONES concept. This will allow a meaningful separation of the different water-related procedures, as is already the norm in professional kitchens. Consistency replaces compromise. Specialised fittings, sinks and accessories from Dornbracht are taking what has been learned from professional kitchens into private kitchens.

WATER ZONES concept by Dornbracht


Washing, cleaning, cutting, drying – the PREPARING WATER ZONE is perfectly equipped for everything to do with food preparation. With a special Profi spray with a soft jet for gently spraying vegetables, fruit and meat. And with a double sink – on the one side deep and water-storing and on the other deliberately shallow and free-draining.


Adding water without having to move the saucepan from the hob, draining pasta without having to walk around the kitchen – such things are practically taken for granted in a professional kitchen. And if you equip your home kitchen like the COOKING Zone, it will be the same for you. Because the POT FILLER is called that for a very good reason. The matching sinks are so deep that even large vessels can be placed there to cool and/or drain.


Anticipation and pleasure are things that we are happy to spend time on in the kitchen. The washing up, on the other hand, has to be done quickly. Which is why the Profi spray on the pre-wash and draining sink works with an extra-powerful jet, which is particularly good at removing dirt and deposits. The large-capacity sink is extra-deep and extra-wide, so that even baking trays are easy to clean. The washing-up liquid dispenser and the strainer waste also make washing-up easier.

eUnit Kitchen

The first electronic product solution for the kitchen from Dornbracht: the different functions of eUnit Kitchen help you with your everyday work in the kitchen. The control elements give you accurate control of water temperature and volume and the foot sensor takes the place of a ”missing“ free hand, allowing water to flow without you having to lift a fi nger.

Added to this are the electronic strainer waste and a water dispensing function that allows water to be dispensed in precise amounts of 1 litre and 0.1 litre steps. Thanks to its compact construction, the eUnit Kitchen can be situated in ‘plug-‘n’-play’ fashion beneath the sink without taking up too much space.